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Local search optimization is a hot topic now in Digital Marketing hangouts and Google Plus Circles. While once upon a time website users needed global information, in the fast-paced world of 2016 hot-takes and snap-chats, people need more personal results that get them right where they live. It is no longer a question of whether to optimize your business site for local search, rather it’s now how soon you can get it done. Let MetaSense get your digital marketing plan started with some useful advice on how to leverage local search optimization. 

Frist: Find out the local search terms
If you want to optimize your website, you need to know what people are searching for. To find this out, make use of google AdWords keyword tool or anything similar to check local keywords in your niche. You are always trying to attractnew search traffic to your site so you need to strongly consider what it is your potential new visitors are going to ask of Google, Siri or Cortana. Utilize all the tools at your disposal, including web analytics to check what local terms visitors used to locate your website. Remember: Local search terms are typically a mix of the city or town, where your business is located and the kind of service you offer. Finally, you think about which services you provide locally that you want people to get from your site- and is that content locally optimized to make that happen? If the answer is no, the next step would be addressing that.

Second: Optimization of existing pages
When you have a business website, you have pages already that describe the services you deliver; hence your first step is making clear that you aim for a particular local market. You can achieve this by including your city or town in descriptions and page titles, along with the service name you provide. Optimizing the existing pages can also be done by including Local Listings details like phone number, address and business name (NAP) on proper pages. You can also try adding a map to your website. The page and post content can also be optimized by including local terms in any ancillary Online Marketing.

Content localization
When your business contains multiple locations, there are other options for local search optimization. These include,

  • Developing landing pages for every location. Use these website pages to group local service offerings, however be careful to get rid of duplicate content.
  • Making use of software solution for localizing your content, like Xtreme Listing, Rio SEO, Yoast local SEO plugin or similar products.

These solutions will improve the local search engine ranking of your website. After localizing and optimizing your content, the following step should be getting listed in the local directories like Free Business Listing. Adding to the obvious information, ensure you write down a best description including your key local search terms. Based on the directory, you would also be able to include tags and photos. Target for consistency, hence wherever people locate you, they find the same information. It is a better idea to make use of Google webmaster tools to make sure that your website is shown to target your intended geographical area.

Consider mobile users in your optimization
Mobile users are using their devices as well as applications increasingly to search for appropriate information. A research shows a substantial amount of increase in the number of mobile searches and also mobile users who search for local information. Recent developments like launch of Google My Business show that businesses should also be ready to adopt mobile local search.

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