How to Use Digital Marketing in 2016

Consumers are not just exposed to new services or products as they browse the internet or enter a store any more. Multiple platforms, including the full spectrum of social media channels and handheld devices surround them every day. People are constantly enmeshed in a robust digital world that is enriched with exciting services, new products and digital innovations. With this new reality comes a brave new world of Digital Marketing, where successful e-commerce and search engine optimization will extend beyond Google to twitter and Facebook. Consider “googling” on Twitter and the ability to purchase products via a messaging application such as Facebook. How incredible is that? What is yet more interesting is that you can begin to utilize it to your favor for your clients and customers. Right at this very moment, Facebook is being tested for their own search engine that will result in very strong search potentials within the social media channel. Brands are likely to have an authentic boost by means of these search potentials.

Businesses are able to instantly communicate with customers by Facebook’s messenger application. Consequently, consumers are able to purchase online through the application, obtain order notifications through instant messaging, inform their friends regarding the purchases made and also share what they purchased, all without the need to visit an e-commerce website that requires they purchase from the site.

Every Digital Marketing Agency must soon be able to adapt to this trend for better service.

Link to more engaged audiences through live video streaming
Videos are famously popular among people using social media and the internet. With advancement in streaming and video compression technology and mobile connectivity giving video a channel for fast delivery, video should be an essential part of any business’ sales conversion strategy. Having your target audience exposed to thousands of similar ads each day doesn’t leave any space for mediocre marketing tricks. You have to grab the attention of consumers and then get them engaged for more than a minute. But how can you achieve that? It is that easy if you consider live video streaming. More brands have been experimenting with various techniques to implement videos into digital marketing efforts. This strategy will enable customers to be an engaged partner in the ongoing evolution of a business’ brand experience.

Future of advertising is changed through identity-centric PPC marketing
AdWords has given the digital marketing community an early Christmas present with their launch of identity-based PPC marketing intended on Return on Investment (ROI). It will become easier to target people with particular ads and wait for measurable results, according to their email or phone number. That indicates that you can direct content or ads, which precisely respond to a want or need, to a targeted individual customer.

The favors of content remarketing
Many marketers will agree with the fact that content marketing works when focusing on Domain Authority. You all have been writing ebooks, blogs, white papers and range of other content. This tactic is how you bring back viewers to your site consistently as they read your content.On any given visit the user may miss your call to action and neglect to click the right button or to fill the form. This is where content marketing has stepped in. It is not that different from re targeting. It is just the process of tagging the visitors on your website and re targeting them using content once they leave. This offers you a better chance to discuss with people who are interested already in what you need to provide. Display them something awesome as well as new while they watch a YouTube video, checking their mails or reading out news. They see your brand again, click your link to get to your content and become engaged. You provide them an ongoing service and you keep their status as a potential lead warm.

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