How Can Voice Search Affect Your Business?

How Can Voice Search Affect Your Business?

Humans have developed a new way of communication between a human and a device using Voice Search. Voice Search uses speech-recognition technology and natural language processing to help humans use their voice to find something instead of typing on the keyboard. The birth of new technology can impact you in a couple ways. The impact on your online business can be significant. The areas that Voice Search can highly impact for your business are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing.
The Impact Voice Search can have on your Business:
  • The words that we type into a search bar is different from the words that we speak. If we type something that we want to search, we normally use less words. But when speaking, we tend to use more words to get the point across. SEO plays a huge role in this.Businesses must be aware of the different keywords that people will be using when searching anything using Voice Search as compared to standard search.
  • Voice Searches are most often questions. Therefore, you must consistently optimize your site to properly and effectively answer more complex questions. This will help provide the best service possible for your potential sales leads. With Voice Search increasing, optimizing your content is essential so there is no loss in traffic to your site.
  • Different devices with Voice Search use different data. For example: Google home uses Google data while Siri uses Bing data. This impacts your business because you could get different results on different systems.Voice Searches would require you to put more effort into SEO to make sure your website’s position is rising in all methods of search. Without the proper consistency and effort, your business could become less visible.
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