Facebooks Instant Articles Are Here Goodbye Paper Media!

On May 12th Facebook made the big announcement that has the potential to change the way we consume our info online. This could change the future of your organization, company, or brand.

When you see a newsfeed story that interest you and click on it, it’s not going to take you away to a familiar website. Instead you’ll experience a slick new interface with tons of interactive functions. While reading your article, you’ll be able to tilt your phone and instantly zoom in and explore photos. You can navigate through interactive maps and watch videos come to life as you scroll, listen to audio captions. In true Facebook fashion you can also like and comment on individual sections of articles. Instant Articles run inside your Facebook app and on top of all the fun new functions they have added promises that they will load 10x faster than the current system ever has.
I do believe this one of the final blows to print media as more and more platforms arrive with this capability Print media will be used less and less. This is a giant leap in the way people will become accustom to receiving and consuming their information online.

What this means for your organization, company or Brand.
If organizations, company, and brands want to stay connected and relevant with their audiences, they need to start operating their marketing more like media company.
Unfortunately the whole thing is still in its early roll out phase so ‘Instant Articles’ is only available to select publishers. Right now the only people benefiting from instant articles are big hitting media companies such as BBC News, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, and the New York Times etc. If you are a forward thinking company that is already communicating with their audience by creating effective content your company should be catapulted to new heights. In so many words the company that is quick to respond to the new opportunities with a creative system for producing videos, articles, imagery or audio in a timely matter. Everyone else that doesn’t adapt will risk falling further behind.

To break it all down, if you want your customers and patients to actually stay your customer or patient and to hear what your message is, You have to give them a good reason to do so. You must keep their attention and keep it. The best process for getting their attention is by adding value to their day. Helping audience solve a problem, be a source of useful info, entertain them with creative content. You can also use a tactic of starting a provocative thoughtful debate. If your company can accomplish this effectively, you most likely will be invited to make a connection, if you are saying to yourself there are many ways to do this already you would be right. But I do believe that Facebook’s Instant Articles will soon be a vital tool in your marketing plan and possibly one of the most effective.

Now is the time is you haven’t started a SMM campaign you need to today. Start creating content and curating articles for your core message and last but not least go develop an audience. Good luck see you at the top.

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